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A Role Playing Game for Awkward 90s Kids

1994 in a suburb of Houston.

Welcome back to High School.

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You’re about to finish your sophomore year of high school and something amazing just happened. You got invited to TIFFANY BURRELL’S party!

Okay, so maybe you didn’t technically “get invited” but you did find an invite on the floor next to your locker. That counts, right?

If you're an old hand at role playing games, check your weapons at the tavern door because not only will you not have powers in this oneshot, you're going back to being the shoe gazing, wall hugging, loveable weirdo you were before being a nerd was cool.

This game is kind of like playing a memoir. I went to a school with 4,000 other kids in the 90s, so it was easy to get lost in the shuffle. But every now and then, at a party like this one, even a tiny Asian guy got a chance to be remembered, a shot at glory.

Pre-order now and you get instant access to the PDF version and some other awesome perks! I might even make you a mix tape.


An RPG in 3 acts


Act 1

Getting ready. This party is going to be tight, and you need to make sure you look good. What are you going to wear? What is your goal at the party? How are you going to get there?

This act is the character creation part of the game and includes one of my favorite parts of role playing games: dressing up and picking out gear!


Act 2

The day of the show, y’all. This is it; you’re at the front door. Are you here with your homies? Are you alone? Did you show up late because you had to work? Are you going to try to get drunk?

You’re definitely going to dance in the middle of the room to impress your crush. Are you hoping to kiss someone? Or are you just going to steal a piece from Tiffany Burrell’s parents’ crystal dragon collection?


Act 3

The morning after. At a diner the next day, you meet up with the people you partied with the night before. What just happened? Think things are going to go back to normal at school? As if!


The setting

The Characters


What’s a party without music? Here’s a playlist to get you back to the 90s. Lots of top 40 stuff, but also a good amount of Houston specific music. Enjoy!