Alief, Texas

Alief, Texas is a suburb of Houston. In 1994, it was the most diverse suburb in the United States. There were two high schools on the same block - Hastings and Elsik and they each held over 4,000 students. They were also bitter rivals, divided by a street called High Star where fights, first kisses and drum line battles would often happen.


the schools

The schools were monolithic, brutalist designs. The classrooms had no windows, and instead were divided by carpeted room dividers. The hallways were chaotic, a place where you were as likely to get pushed into a locker by a fight in the hallway as you were to meet up with your newest crush. The area was diverse, racially and economically. As such, most of the non-player characters in the game are people of color. The party house though, is on the other side of the tracks, in one of the new gated subdivisions.

You can put the game into your own setting, but please do consider playing in this one too. This game is like a playable memoir, and I’ve tried to put everything in the text as you need to create Alief for yourself!