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We’re now shipping the physical book through Blackbox, the very same folks that make Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens!

You'll get a beautiful printed copy of the game, made right here in Austin, TX

This comes with a digital download (I’ll email it to you directly) and access to our Discord channel!

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PDF Download of The Party at Tiffany Burrell's House

Ready to page your friends and tell them to come over to relive their most awkward years? Start here!

You’ll get access to the PDF immediately, and also will receive any future digital versions of the book for free!

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Special Edition Box Set

Besides the physical print copy of the game, we’ll send you a special gift box of 90s memorabilia. This could include a mixtape made by Vu, some 90s candy, maybe even some hand written poetry. You’ll also get a lifetime PDF (updated to the newest version) and access to the Discord channel.

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