Here are some of the Non-Player Characters you’ll find in the game

Darren Miles

Lanky Sophomore. He’s not the brightest and he’s not good at keeping secrets, which is unfortunate because he’s so likeable that people tell him everything.

Maria Garcia

Athletic Junior. Maria is one of Tiffany’s best friends. Maria is on the volleyball team and the Student Council. She isn’t exactly a mean girl, but she’s not looking to make friends with the PCs.

Warren Lu

Honor Society Sophomore. Sophomores aren’t even supposed to be allowed in Honor Society, but Warren is so smart they’re basically taking all Junior classes. If it’s the AP kids you need to be in with, you need to know Warren.

Hank Weathersby

JV Football Captain. Hank is a typical jock. He’s big, he likes to party, and he’s here to fight and make out. He’s a great boyfriend for a PC’s crush to have.

Efraim Wallace

Varsity Football Captain. Also, the star of the Fall musical. Efraim is THE coolest kid in school. Not only is he athletic, but he can sing, act, and dance. He’s a quadruple threat. He’s also Tiffany’s boyfriend and he’s super nice, but he’s always busy.

Lucie Nguyen

Empathic Senior. Lucie is the president of TAP - Teens Assisting Peers. She’s amazingly kind and looks after people. She’s a great potential crush for someone, but she’s probably not interested because mostly she needs to stay focused on her studies and her role as leader.

Monique Barriere

A Freshman that everyone knows. One of those girls that everyone has heard of, and everyone claims to be friends with. It could be that her mom works in the school;, it could be her perfect hair. It could be that she also is the hook up if you want to buy a joint.

Dipesh Patel

The mysterious Sophomore transfer. Dipesh just transferred to the school, and he has a bit of a reputation. Nobody knows for sure why he had to leave his old school, but the rumor is that he set fire to a teacher’s grade book.

Jessica Hill

The most popular uncool kid. Jessica is in choir, multi-cultural club, and all the AP classes. She’s enthusiastic about everything, and she’s happy to help people out, no matter what. She’s not exactly graceful, though, and her help might backfire.

Duc The Arms Dealer

Duc knows how to get guns and drugs and all kinds of gangster shit. Or so everything thinks. Whether or not he knows how to get that stuff, he’s not a good guy to have mad at you.

Milton Stewart

Milton loves old movies. He’s a big fan of standing on his desk and yelling “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” For some reason he also carries around this giant bag of books, or everyone hopes they’re books.

Cameron De Leon

Cameron had their teeth modified to look like vampire fangs. They quote Lord Byron and Edgar Allen Poe and wear a lot of lace and velvet.

T.J. Porter

The country boy with the Cummings motor decal on his truck. He’s a good ol’ boy and he wants everyone to know he’s a gentleman and a “nice guy.”

Jesse Maxwell

A Senior who is always working their job at Astroworld, so they show up super late and brings the party back to life when everyone is feeling kinda low.